Collection: KEREN KOPAL

As an art and antique collector, Keren has traveled the world inspired by her deep passion for aesthetics & beauty. On one of her visits to Moscow, she was greatly touched by the fabulous work of Peter Carl Faberge and began to create her unique sculpture collection. All designs are original unique creations of the “Keren Kopal Collection” and are Limited Edition. Each item is made with love, painted by hand in a unique technique and plated with 24K gold or 925 Sterling Silver. All of the gems decorating Keren's collections are Austrian and Swarovski crystals, each piece is signed by the designer as a guarantee of authenticity, and the designs come in the most stunning packages!

Faberge Style Collection

Faberge - the name itself evokes images of the glittering world of the last Tsars of Russia, and the priceless treasures created, regardless of time or cost, as royal gifts for special occasions. Faberge-style Easter eggs were among Russian home decor souvenirs. To create each egg, the world-famous Faberge firm combined the work of various craftsmen of differing expertise - from metalsmithing to diamond-cutting, from enamel work to painting. The presentation of pieces stylized like Easter eggs quickly became fashionable. Apart from being mere souvenirs, they could serve as clock cases, boxes, or photo frames. The Keren Kopal collection includes many Easter eggs, trinket boxes, and special collector's items in the Faberge style, which has inspired us to create these souvenirs for your home decoration.

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