Collection: EKLEXIC


Manhattan based, Alexis Gordon Kelly , founder and designer of EKLEXIC created a label that is Bold. Edgy. Versatile. Wearing the jewelry is like creating a painting; you can stop after the first few strokes or layer as much as you want until you achieve a final result that embodies your own flare for drama.  Alexis designed every piece to be gorgeous on its own and yet also play well with others. Sling on a single large chain link necklace with a simple tee and be effortlessly chic or stack rings for maximum impact.

At eklexic, “versatile” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of life.  'We know you can do it all, and you deserve designer jewelry that fits into every part of your life', says Alexis. 
Made from sustainable materials and handcrafted to order in the United States, our pieces are destined for those who defy the norm, take chances, and stand out.



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